Is armature or magnet for headphones better?

Answer On One Hand: Armature Uses Established TechnologyAccording to radio experts at Crystal Radio, armature headphones are based on technology patented by Thomas Watson in 1882. Armature headphones rel... Read More »

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How does magnet in the headphones work?

i just got my iphone 4 and it looks like the headphone socket fits in beautifully. it doesn't rattle and looks snug - i guess it was purpose built for the iphone 4. as for fitting a plug into this... Read More »

What chemicals should I use to remove magnet - specifically an orange report monkey magnet?

LOL I hate the badge too. Maybe answer badly?

When adding more paper to a magnet on refrigerator why does it cause the magnet to fall off?

The magnet is losing its magnetic connection to the fridge.

What Is the Difference Between a Permanent Magnet and a Temporary Magnet?

Magnets are atomic powered. The difference between a permanent magnet and a temporary magnet is in their atomic structures. Permanent magnets have their atoms aligned all the time. Temporary magnet... Read More »