Is argireline fluoride-based?

Answer Argireline is the trademark name for acetyl hexapeptide-3, an ingredient in several anti-aging skincare products. Argireline is a chain of six amino acids that attaches to acetic acid residue. The ... Read More »

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Why is calcium fluoride have a smaller boiling point then magnesium fluoride?

The calcium ion is larger than the magnesium ion and so the charge on it is less dense.This makes it less attracted to the fluoride ions

Where does argireline come from?

Argireline is a synthetic ingredient created from natural proteins. It is made in a lab in Barcelona, Spain. The company Lipotec fabricated this component for its anti-aging properties. The scienti... Read More »

Information on Argireline?

Argireline is a brand of anti-aging skin care product, manufactured by Lipotec, that is applied topically and is believed to have similar effects on facial lines and wrinkles that Botox injections do.

Is argireline safe?

On One Hand: Research ExistsArgireline is an ingredient in anti-wrinkle skin creams that is marketed as an alternative to Botox. The manufacturer claims it inhibits muscle contraction and relaxes f... Read More »