Is area 51 real?

Answer Yes!

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Is this area 51 stuff real!?

God is this still bouncing around? I thought it was laid to rest years ago! Memories eh?!

Is 666 a real area code?

According to NANPA area code search on area 666…it is not currently an assigned area code.It is also not a geographic area code, meaning it could be assign... Read More »

Where can I pay to pet a real elephant in St. Louis or Missouri/Illinois area?

Wait till summer. She can actually ride one at the Renaissance Fair.…

Are aliens real and do they visit us and are they locked up in a so called area 51?

Some people claim to have seen them and even to have been abducted by them but as of this time there is no firm evidence that they exist. Having said that, I personally believe aliens do exist. I d... Read More »