Is archos better than apple?

Answer no its a linux based MEEGO device.. and forget official android on nokia phone...

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Can I Hook an Archos 605 WiFi to a TV Without an Archos DVR?

The Archos 605 Wi-Fi is a portable media player with built-in Internet access. This allows you to view and listen to media content without actually having the data uploaded to the player. You are a... Read More »

What is Archos DVR?

Archos is an electronics manufacturer that deals primarily in mobile technology. An Archos mobile DVR has the capacity to record television programs through the use of a docking station and allows ... Read More »

Archos 705 or 605?

i love my archos 605, it is the best portable media player out there. The problem i have with the 705 is its just a giant 605. Its got a 7 inch screen while the 605 has a 4.3 inch screen. They b... Read More »

Your apple iPod headphones jack snapped off you have only had this for a couple months and you have the one year warranty with apple Will Apple replace these headphones?

Yeah its about that, as any mechanical device, headphone also need burn in... The biggest changes happen in the first 24 hours tough... in those first 24 hours dont make them constantly running as ... Read More »