Is apricot a hardwood?

Answer Apricots are grown from broad-leaved, deciduous trees. Because of this, apricot wood is classified as a "hardwood," which describes wood from all such trees. "Softwood," on the other hand, comes ... Read More »

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Can you change natural oak finished hardwood floors into cherry oak hardwood floors?

You can change the color and type of stain on hardwood floors. First, you need to sand away the other finish, in this case the natural oak finish. Second, you need to stain the well sanded floor ... Read More »

Can you install a new hardwood floor over existing hardwood floor?

How to Use Wild Apricot?

This wiki will help you get familiar with key Wild Apricot features so that you can quickly setup and personalize your website and account for your association based website and services. You will ... Read More »

The Uses for Apricot Kernel Oil?

Apricot kernel oil is extracted from the dried kernels of apricots, and is easily absorbed by the skin. The oil contains poly-unsaturated fatty acids and helps nourish the skin. Apricot kernel oil ... Read More »