Is applebees a good place to eatWhat is a good choice on the menu?

Answer No! We travel all around the U.S. for our work and have patronized many Applebee's figuring it was location for the bad food and service at the previous one. We believe in giving a food chain the b... Read More »

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Have anybody been to Applebees before Is it good or is it bad?

It is a good resturant I've been there a few times. the food is good I don't know if they all do this , but the ones in my areahave 1/2 price appetizers after 10pm.

Applebees whats good?

Is U-Verse a good place to get Fast speed internet with good prices?

Yes. My computer has "12 GB" and it is fast. Im paying really good price too! So I think you should get AT&T U-Verse. Thats my opinion! Hope it helped! By the way its safe (no viruses)

Where is there a good place to buy a really good camera but a small one others told me costco ?

bestbuy, circuit city, radio shack. radio shack is probably your best bet. they have better customer service. the other 2 just have too many customers and too little employees.