Is apple peel good for you?

Answer Apple peel is good for you, as long as you remember to wash it first. According to an article in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, apple peel contains 13 ingredients proven to fight c... Read More »

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Is an apple peel biodegradable?

An apple peel is biodegradable. Anything naturally occurring, such as food substances, is biodegradable because it can be broken down by other plant or animal organisms. Bread is another common exa... Read More »

Is eating the inside of an orange peel good for you?

Yes it's called the pith. It has some anti-cancer properties and antioxidants actually, so it is very good for you. In fact, the white pith contains the highest amount of bioflavonoids (an antioxid... Read More »

I have bad sunburn on my face and it beginging to peel.. can i pick it or leavee it to peel on its own?

If you peel it, then your whole face will look red. It will are some tips: Relief can also come from anti-inflammatories and pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen. Placing cool com... Read More »

Why's juice from orange peel supposed to be good for eyes?

Orange peel contains d-limonene, which is best known as a solvent (many citrus cleaning products rely on it). The medicinal usas of Orange peel and d-limonene are usually related to heartburn or Ga... Read More »