Is there anyway you can take word from college computer and put it onto usb to use at home?

Answer ****************************************…The Open Office files are not working on the school's computers.You may want to repost with information about the version of MS Office the school computer... Read More »

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Not to be offensive or suggestive in anyway but has anyone else noticed that when you add creepy to stalker you get the word Crocker from the Fairly Odd Parents?

O yea he kind of is a stalker if you think about it =PYea when i got it it was annoyin it kept stalkin me uh how annoyin hows bout u? =PHe stalked Timmy. Creeeeeppyyyy

How to Stop Saying Anyways?

"Anyways" is incorrect. It's "anyway". Here is how to stop using it, if you like.

Wrong section I know, but anyways?

I don't know....I thought it was to replace the oil as well. I'd say they will be more of a fudgy brownie rather than a fluffy brownie....let us know!

Is there anyways i can unlock a ipod touch?

The only way to unlock it is to plug it into the computer , go on iTunes , and "reset" the iPod . But the bad part is , it will erase everything that's on the iPod .