Is anyone's "farm town" on facebook working Why is mine gone?

Answer yah!

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Where did Farm Town go on Facebook?

LATEST UPDATE ON FARM TOWNHi,FarmTown is currently unavailable. We are researching this at the moment. Bear with us while we try to restore access.Thanks.Update: The issue seems to have been caused... Read More »

Does anyones yard and basement flood like mine during heavy rain storms?

My parents yard does. They have an embankment that the water floods down straight into their back door. They have just purchased sand bags which they have lined up along the embankment to divert th... Read More »

Is anyones metro pcs service not working?

urgghhhh should make me feel better to know im not the only one but daaaaang this is driving me nut! i cant call either neither use internet or nothin.. no service in south Florida

Design Ideas for "Farm Town"?

"Farm Town" is a virtual reality game played on Facebook and MySpace. The player builds a farm with crops, animals and trees. Players earn coins as they harvest their farm and spend the coins on a ... Read More »