Is anyone out there using oleander extract for health just want some opinions?

Answer Yes there are. But just because some people are gullible enough to use it, and some others are amoral enough to sell it to them, is not proof that it actually does anything. It is a poisonous plan... Read More »

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Is it me or are some sundays just down right booring if anyone out there feels the same how about a message.?

Only boring if you don't make an effort to do something and I notice you possibly have a dog who I feel sure would love a country walk???

Don't want to offend anyone, but why some women want to reduce their breasts size,the others on the contrary?

I am a 32F (possibly bigger now) with breasts that keep growing, whatever I do. I started developing in primary school and have always been a bit self conscious about them. Men talk to them instead... Read More »

I just got some cool stuff at the Asian food market, can anyone help with some good (relatively easy) recipes?

I would suggest a soup using miso, some of the seaweed pieces and tofu chunks. Of course you would need miso soup stuff. Otherwise you might be able to get away with vegetable broth (canned or ho... Read More »

I just want health shakes and smoothies. should i buy cheap or invest in something?

The expensive shakers are definitely worth it.