Is anyone making money with google typing and filling out form?

Answer Haven't heard of any. And if there were, they would be back here bragging about it.

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I found in internet GOOGLE FORTUNE PAKAGE for making money they give good credentials... Is this good pl packa?

Its Fake man. Only way 2 earn money buy google is Ad sense.

Is there any legitimate form filling work online for free?

You are setting yourself up for a scam. Be very careful. They are mostly scams.

Why Am I always thinking about typing into Google....?

Can parental rights be signed away just by filling out a form or does an attorney have to be obtained and does the other party have to agree?

Answer If a parent AGREES to give up their rights, no attorney is needed, but a written agreement made, and signed with a WITNESS, that way it can't come back to haunt either party