Is anyone looking for adoptees from Terceira Island Portugal around 1961 or 1962?

Answer I know an adoptee that is looking for her father. Her father was in the USAF at Lajes Field and left before her birth in March of 1963. Her mother was a local woman and gave her up for adoption. ... Read More »

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Does anyone have suggestions on how to find your missing sister adopted from Terceira Island Portugal. Her name at birth was Maria de Fatima Gaspar?

Lucky for you people in terceira are very nosey!! and very friendly. Do you know what village your sister was born in or where your mom was from? ask the neighbors in that area. Of just say the las... Read More »

Azores Hotels in Terceira, Portugal?

The Azores, nine volcanic islands about 900 miles from the coast of Portugal, is a remote vacation destination with sleepy villages, blue-green lagoons, and hilly terrain. While it was settled by t... Read More »

Adoptees, what do you believe to be the biggest misconception about you and/or other adoptees?

That I did "something" to get put into foster care.Seriously, someone on Y/A emailed me once and asked "who I killed to wind up in foster care"NEWSFLASH: In 99% of cases, THE PARENTS did something... Read More »

Why are the so-called "happy" adoptees always getting so mad at the so-called "angry" adoptees?

It's the other way around, really. I have always expressed contentment and happiness in my adoption and have gotten email after email from angry adoptees telling me that I can't possibly really be... Read More »