Is anyone having problems login in to facbook this evening?

Answer Yep. Won't let me log in. Says incorrect password/email combination.

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Is anyone having problems login in to yahoo email?

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Anyone having problems accessing their Gmail this morning?

Yeah me too! There was a Gmail down party this morning. Except it was a surprise invitation. I had 10 people text me about this within 30 minutes this morning. I use Gmail to keep in contact with a... Read More »

Anyone else having problems with gmail this morning?

Yes Jessica me too! I heard this question like 20 times in one hour this morning. As you see from this long list of answers this issue threw off many people's morning and was a topic of discussion... Read More »

What are we having for dinner if I am to eat with you this evening?

I'll disappoint you, it was pizza tonight ! Vegetarian of course. It was called a "Scarpeta", with eggs, mozzarella, zucchinis and grilled eggplants. With a green salad and a banana for dessert.