Is anyone else's instagram not working?

Answer Official word says I can NOT share this picture of my latest night time street art until the servers are turned back on. Dangit!!! #biterbeware

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Is anybody elses twitter not working at the moment?

Why isn't instagram working!!!!?

It's been happening to me too! What I'm getting is when I go to a profile including mine, it will say all items loaded even though some of my followers have 500+ photos. It's raining in Texas awful... Read More »

My instagram isn't working?

Don't worry mine isn't either, that's why im on here. I don't gunk anybody's is, just wait it out. Instagrams probably on its period. Or getting updated, something stupid. It's happening to everybody

My instagram isn't working!!!!!?

I know what you mean. I WAS FREAKING OUT TOO !! i actually deleted instagram, turned off the wifi and shut down my device. After about 15 minutes i turned it back on and connected to the internet a... Read More »