Is anyone else viewing Yahoo's home page as the old style?

Answer No, I really like the new one. Especially the drop down e-mail section. Do you still view the older one?

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How can I print the page I am presently viewing?

Why would you want to print the "ask your question" page?

How do I get my task bar back to the bottom of the page. I have XP home vers. and the bar is at top of page.?

that shouldnt have anything to do with spyware. right click on the bar and make sure that it is not "locked" After unchecking this, click and drag it down along the side and to the bottom. Annoyanc... Read More »

Does the viewing angle make a difference when viewing movies on a 3d tv?

What is better for home theater viewing a projector or a large LED screen television?

First thing to understand is that the TV or projector has nothing to do with the audio portion. The audio is separate using a amplifier and speakers to give you the surround sound effects, the vid... Read More »