Is anyone else here allergic to flouride?

Answer You are the second person I come across who has the same issue. My other patient breaks out with regular tooth paste and later found out she is allergic to fluoride after testing for it. You shou... Read More »

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Is myspace working for anyone else here?

myspace isnt working right now for me on my computer i wonder what happend ever since i got up i wanted to check my myspace account and its just gave me a sign in page

Does anyone else on here have a crush on Tom?

He is sorta cute ;)(Edit - o.k. so I just checked out his pics again - he is actually pretty darn hot!)

Has anyone else here contracted the 2006 Flu virus?

I had it over New Years and it turned into walking pnemonia. Most of my family is either ill with it or has had it already. Bad, bad strain.Hope all is well with you.

Does this scare anyone else on here?

Yes, it is scary. I'm not sure what you mean by "you people" - most of the yahoo! answers folks I've seen answer these girls answer pretty well, although some are people who don't know what they'r... Read More »