Is anyone else having problems loading wikipedia?

Answer I haven't heard of any problems today, but if it happens again, you can check the official status page or Twitter/Facebook accounts for announcements.

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Is anyone else having problems loading Facebook in the past day or so It's running really slow?

Finally someone else with the same problems. The past few days have been extremely slow to the point where i can't do anything anymore without frustration. It's been slow though for about a month, ... Read More »

Is anyone else on the AT&T having problems?

Is anyone else having MYSPACE problems?

I think that my space ship is sinking... welcome aboard the yahoo... express.. =)

Anyone else having Facebook problems- 8-11-11?

This is like the 5th time i've answered this question today lolThey are most likely fixing their security on their servers because of the news of a Hacking group planning to quote KILL facebook on ... Read More »