Is anyone else getting #39 put in their questions today?

Answer I have that all day but I thought it was my Opera browser.I guess the boys on YA! have some work to do.

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Is anyone else having trouble getting into Facebook today?

I can't get into facebook either it was alright at 9 this morning now keep getting internet explorer cannot display this web page.

Is anyone else having problems with their internet connection today?

Mine was slow yesterday, but today seems ok.EDIT: It is now acting up.

Did anyone else notice their news feed change on Facebook today?

Now there's a News Feed and a Live Feed.I KNOW. I was on it at school and it was normal, then i went on just a few hours later at home and it had this News Feed/Live Feed! i hate it!but idk h... Read More »

Did anyone else get bruised around the jaw after getting their wisdom teeth out and if so what did you do for the pain and swelling?

Everyone gets a bruised jaw from wisdom teeth removal. Ibuprofen is the best thing to take. Redduces pain swelling and inflammation. If you cannot take ibuprofen take acetominophen (paracetamol in ... Read More »