Is anyone else bummed out that Wikipedia is blacked out today?

Answer No, because it is easy to bypass the blacked out screen and use Wikipedia like on any other normal day. All you must do is disable Javascript in your browser.If you have Internet Explorer: Tools -... Read More »

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Why is British Wikipedia blacked out today?

Its some sort of protest against this Anti-Piracy laws proposal in the USA. It'll be back tomorrow, don't worry.

Anyone else beginning to feel that Wikipedia is a little 'suspect'/open to abuse/false info etc.?

As one answerer suggests, one should not depend on a single source for their information. Thomas Jefferson and his friends insisted on a free press despite the negative reporting they got. They fel... Read More »

Doe's anybody else think that allowing Wikipedia to let anyone edit an article is a really bad idea?

It's a COMMUNITY encyclopedia, that's the point.

Is wikipedia blue for anyone else?