Is anyone else as addicted to facebook as me?

Answer I am soooo addicted, especially with some of the applications, although I do need to get on before other 'friends' do so i get to bomb their pirate ship or bite them before they do it to me ;-).btw... Read More »

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Is anyone else super addicted to Mountain Dew!!?

No thank god! It tastes like chemicals! So does Sunny Delight. Both disgusting!

Is facebook not working for anyone else?

Not working for me, it's down momentarily i think.

Is Facebook not working for anyone else too?

OMG! I feel so lost! Mine isn't working either here in Maine, USA. I am sure it will be back up shortly, they just did some voting on changes to facebook today, that perhaps could have effected this?

Is anyone else fed up with facebook?

I agree with Stacey... I really wish they hadn't allowed everyone to join. Now people's moms are on there as well as 14 year olds... I'm a college student who uses facebook to keep in touch with h... Read More »