Is anyone else a little drunk just now?

Answer not me i am working

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I'm pretty drunk right now. Is anyone else?

Not yet, but I am working on it. That heroin addict should be in treatment, not online.

How do I explain to my boss that I'm just a little too drunk to attend this morning's department meeting?

You go up to poke him right in the chest and you say...leaning in REAL close."You know....Arrv never liked you..and thish is call thesh fecking meetings! I don't have time for t... Read More »

Anyone else laughing at all the people worried about the little pig flu?

Is anyone else a little disappointed...I checked out this section in the hopes of...?

well to be honest you have to be drunk to see them on p&s, my lezzie lover amyc damn is always seeing or drinking spirits