Is anyone drunk-answering?

Answer I am happy just to answer your question. as a matter of fact, I keep watching for your posts.

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Does anyone have any funny answering machine pharses?

oh, good question....I just love funny stuff that will freak ppl out!!! I like to play tricks on family and friends....also telemarketers and such...I leave one in a foreign language...just make su... Read More »

Why isn't anyone answering I REALLY NEED HELP!! (&20 point reward)?

Turn it off. Because otherwise it wont be able to charge fully and wont waste battery while charging. My mom has one [navigon] and we had to figure it out.But when its in use you can still leave it... Read More »

Does anyone remember the Back Street Boys cd single with the answering machine messages?

The song is called "The Call". It's on the cd Black&Blue in 2001

Is anyone else a little drunk just now?