Is anyone donating to Wikipedia?

Answer Lots of people are donating to Wikipedia. With many people donating small amounts of money, Wikipedia has managed to raise very impressive amounts in a down economy. In fact, the Wikimedia Foundati... Read More »

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Donating an organ............?

I know there are a lot of requirements. You can't just hand your kidney off to somebody you think should deserve it. People have to have the exact blood type, and a lot of other things in order to ... Read More »

How to Help Others by Donating Goods?

Giving a money donation.Want to get involved with community outreach by connecting with non-profit organizations? Donating previously owned clothes, toys, furniture, appliances, even cars can be a ... Read More »

Is donating plasma bad for you i need to know before i go ?

It's not necessarily good for you, but it won't kill you. Otherwise, why would they allow people to donate? And about your other question - cold sores /are/ herpes - they're one in the same. Look i... Read More »

What can i eat a before donating blood?

I've always eaten perfectly normally before and after donations - I've made over 70 plus some platelet donations. No special diet is required.