Is anyone donating to Wikipedia?

Answer Lots of people are donating to Wikipedia. With many people donating small amounts of money, Wikipedia has managed to raise very impressive amounts in a down economy. In fact, the Wikimedia Foundati... Read More »

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Could anyone buy wikipedia?

NO.Wikipedia is Open Source Software and open to the public under Open Licencse Agreement.It is supported by users and donations by others as well, as is input that is appreciated by the public to ... Read More »

Wikipedia help, anyone?

Want to add info? When you search replate, you will see a red link if on a search page. It means it's not created. If it says Wikipedia article not created, or whatever, click the edit the article ... Read More »

If Wikipedia can be edited by anyone...?

WE guard the correctness of Wikipedia. There are people who have some more powers than others, but since Wikipedia is free it's edited by people just like you and me. (And actually, I help out fair... Read More »

What is the use of Wikipedia if anyone can edit it?

Wikipedia is the best thing that happen to this generation, I learn alot of things from wikipedia that I couldn't ask ppl or aren't in most of the websites. Its free information, with no advertisem... Read More »