Is anyone aware of any alternatives to "Midol" as an aid to an extremely painful Menstrual Cycle?

Answer I can really sympathize with your friend because I have Endometriosis. It is a female condition that causes extremely painful periods (I mean we are talking labor pain like painful periods) maybe ... Read More »

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Midol Alternatives?

Midol is a drug manufactured by Bayer Healthcare to help women alleviate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome; PMS symptoms include cramps, bloating, fatigue, backache and headache. Five different... Read More »

What are other good menstrual cramp medicines besides midol and tylenol?

Motrin 200mg. OTC....You can take 3-4 every 6 hours, which is equivalant to a 600mg or an 800mg prescription strength.If your menses are regular, start a day before you are due, and continue for t... Read More »

Ear infection extremely painful please help?

Yes, I think you should go back and see a doctor, perhaps they will give you something stronger than you can buy in a pharmacy for the pain.Meanwhile, take tylenol or ibuprofen, the soluble version... Read More »

Extremely painful back problems. Help?

Sounds like you've developed sciatica. The muscles in your back seize up with the pain from your trapped sciatic nerve just above your pelvis. A muscle relaxant from the doc can help in the short -... Read More »