Is anyone able to access wikipedia?

Answer Wikipedia resolved most of the problems by 3:00 PM EST, according to the site's official Twitter account. Due to continued overheating at the Amsterdam data center, however, users may still be expe... Read More »

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Can anyone in Thailand access Wikipedia English version?

I dont know about wikipedia direct, but i use and you can download the toolbar and it puts a little arrow at the left of your screen which you can drag up or down to what le... Read More »

How can I make Firefox able to access the web?

Try:Tools -> Option -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Auto-detect proxy settings for this network -> OK -> OKThen exit and restart Firefox

Why are you able to edit an article in Wikipedia?

There are two competing philosophies.Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations extolled the virtues of the free market.The other view is bureaucratic and experts some annointed regulator to know what is ... Read More »

Aren't you supposed to be able to edit things on Wikipedia?

If you have an account but haven't actually used it to edit anything, there's still some hope for you. Wikipedia is a huge time-sink, a psychological rathole and viper's den, and a very poorly desi... Read More »