Is any one in the black peas philipino?

Answer firstly all i want to say is that isn't really a very nice question to ask people but ill tell you why ...... when most kids are born most parents are either to scared or they might die or they hav... Read More »

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If a person's mother is philipino and the father is black what nationality is the child?

Answer The nationality of a child depends on the laws of the country he/she is born in. If the child is born in the United states, then would be a citizen of the United States, an American.Some co... Read More »

Do black eyed peas really have a lot of calcium?

No. Where did you read the higher figure? You know not everything you read on the net is true...especially if it's promoting vegetarianism.The link below agrees with your 4%....hardly a "lot" of ca... Read More »

Black Beans Peas Or Carrots Which from this list do you like better?

Can you cook Black Eyed Peas in a Crock Pot?

Are you cooking dried peas or canned? If canned cook on the stove. If dried - wash and drain. Use chicken or vegetable broth for liquid. Add chopped onions and 1 minced garlic clove. Add 2 str... Read More »