Is any Blu ray DVD player able to play 3D movies?

Answer blu-ray discs where first introduced in 2006.

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Please helpWill my dvd be able to play in my dvd player?

The DVD will play in your standard DVD player.It also includes at least a redeemable code, if not extra files on the DVD, so you can play it on your computer or portable device, and not have to rip... Read More »

If I buy a dvd from America, will I be able to play it on my UK dvd player?

If your DVD player is 'multi-region enabled'.If it says so on the DVD unit's box (should you still have I being to A* retentive here??) you should be fine.If not, check out the web... the... Read More »

Is the Portland PVD-1000 DVD player able to play PAL& NTSC DVDs?

The Portland PVD-1000 DVD player is able to play both PAL and NTSC format DVDs. This means you will be able to play European and Japanese DVDs on a North American TV set, and vice versa.References:... Read More »

If I purchase a Blue-Ray DVD player, will I still be able to play standard DVDs on it?

Yes, you can play standard DVDs in a Blu-Ray player. And as an added bonus, the Blu-Ray player will up-convert the content to HD or near HD quality for display on your HD TV. However, if you do n... Read More »