Is anxiety one of those disorders where you can get social security?

Answer I have heard that a lot of parents are able to list their children as disable to get money from the government. It can become a handicap for you later in life. What do you plan to do with the rest ... Read More »

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Question about anxiety disorders?

I suffer major anxiety too. I can't have a normal conversation, i get sweaty and nervous going to stores such as Target, and it's hard for me to have normal relationships with guys. I had to transf... Read More »

Does any herbal tea help anxiety disorders?

You can try chamomile tea, i personally dont like the taste of it though. Else, korean ginseng tea. Normal tea has caffeine which is bad for anxiety so u should avoid that.

Where should a 20 year old, with social anxiety/panic work part-time?

You have some options. You could be a stocker in a supermarket or big box store. You would work at night when the store is closed. You get paid more too. You might also consider working in a wa... Read More »

Are anxiety disorders contagious I don't think they are?

Contagious? Hmm, I'm getting anxious just thinking about it! :)