Is answering a cell call while driving safe?

Answer On One Hand: It Is DistractingUsing a cell phone while driving makes it four times more likely that you will be involved in an accident. It is more distracting than eating, changing radio stations ... Read More »

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Are cell phones safe while driving?

On One Hand: Cell Phones DistractAccording to a study from the Harvard Center of Risk Analysis, cell phone use while driving contributes to approximately 6 percent of car crashes. Many states are m... Read More »

What does it mean when you call somebody and their answering machine picks up after 2 rings?

hmmmmm, I guess they don't wanna talk to you!!!! I have set mine up 2 if I call and check my voice mail...I don't have to pay!

Is answering a cell phone while it's plugged into a charger dangerous?

On One Hand: No formal dangerContrary to the email myth that answering a cell phone while it is charging could cause it to explode, there is no proven danger to this practice. Pittsburgh news chann... Read More »

What's a cool/funny thing to put as my answering message on my cell?

all my friends have this and it always gets me !!!!go like this"hihold on one secondokay im back wutsuphold on one second"then it goes to the beepi like it because it drives you nuts thinking your ... Read More »