Is Lorrie Moore's"Birds of America"being made into a movie?

Answer Lorrie Moore's acclaimed collection of short stories, "Birds of America," has never been made into a movie. In 2007, the Sundance Film Festival featured the film "Birds of America" based on screenw... Read More »

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Should Batman fans acknowledge Batman Forever and Batman and Robin?

Haha! I thought I was the only one that doesn't acknowledge them.I mean I have to because they're there but I don't acknowledge them as real Batman movies.They're terrible and it's just hard to wat... Read More »

Is there a movie, that''s in ''development hell'' that you really want to see being made and released?

The Irishman (????)…A Martin Scorsese/Robert De Niro reunion alone would easily become my most anticipated film ever. But when you add Al Pacino, my favori... Read More »

How did you like the movie Batman Returns?

I loved Batman Returns. I think it's one of the best Batman films ever made, and for me that is definitely because of Michael Keaton and Michelle Pfeiffer. Michael is just amazing, he brings such a... Read More »

What was the made for TV Sci-fi futuristic mutant movie in the 90's that took place after the X-Men team had long sinced died and a new team of teens were being saved and trained?