Is animal testing morally right?

Answer No, it is not right for ANY reason. It is a disgustingly cruel and unethical method for testing drugs. The most saddening and painful thing is that labs inhumanely murder hundreds of animals per da... Read More »

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Is it right for scientists to do animal testing?

On One Hand: Animal Testing Saves Human LivesScientists perform experiments on animals to determine whether certain medicines, substances or treatments are safe for humans. This enables scientists ... Read More »

Is downloading music via torrents morally right?

I do it. Nobody has gotten hurt by me doing so. The band makes music, I listen to the music, if the music is good I become a fan and will buy their merch/attend their shows.Record companies get the... Read More »

*10 points!* Are websites such as morally right/illegal?

yup its illegalmorals you would have to surch your self for that netflix or something like that to pay

My mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer,the Job Centre says I can't get benefit,is that morally right?

Yeah this is what they done with me and my partner they didnt pay us cause we left our job as we both got violently assulted. We lost our apartment and im now back at my parents squashed in a bunga... Read More »