Is anesthesia needed for tooth filling?

Answer Most of the time , yes. But if its a VERY small cavity , then most likely you won't need an anesthetic. Don't worry , the anesthetic doesn't hurt , atleast for me it doesn't. The reason you have th... Read More »

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I had a filling in my tooth yesturday and i still can't eat on the side of my mouth i had the filling.?

As many other respondents have already said It sounds as if there is still a problem there, possibly the hole was not completely filled or a nerve left to near to the air giving you trouble.Answer... Read More »

When they refill a tooth do they use anesthesia[pain killer-or w/e]!?

When you have your tooth filled they will use a local anasthetic, its just a small injection that feels a bit like a scratch. it will hurt but only for a second then they will either ask you to go ... Read More »

Do I need a tooth filling!?

Sounds like it, iv had similar. It aches because there is a small part of the nerve exposed so whenever you eat, hot cold or sweet, it irritates the nerve. It will probably be filled depending how ... Read More »

Tooth hurts after filling?

Seems an awful long time to feel discomfort after a filling, make an appointment with your dentist and let him investigate