Is an unopened bottle of whisky over 35 years old stil drinkable?

Answer Despite some of the earlier answers.Spirits DO NOT age in the bottle.Only in controlled cask storage. They do not improve at all,but will eventually spoil.Although 35 years is a drop in the ocean a... Read More »

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Is an unopened bottle of tequila 20 years old still good for drinking or does it have an expiration period?

Liquors do not age once they are bottled. As long as its been kept in a cool, dry, and dark place you are good to imbibe. It should be fine if it is not opened. When people ferment alcohol it is a ... Read More »

Would half a bottle of whisky get me very drunk?

Half a bottle is about 10 or 11 shots....ok if you drink it over 2-3 hours,any faster than that you will be unconcious in the emergency ward.

Hi I put a unopened bottle of wine?

Put it in the sink to thaw. Then drink it. Silly goose. lol.

How much is an unopened squirt bottle with a 7up cap?

IF you have that somebody did that post production as a joke and you can be sure it wasn't a Coca~Cola employee. You should be able to get a buck for it.