Is an unneutered male attracted to a spayed female?

Answer Male dogs and cats who haven't been neutered can, indeed, be attracted to spayed females. In fact, the attraction doesn't necessarily end at the division of species: Dogs, in particular, can become... Read More »

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How Old Should Female Puggles Be When Spayed?

Property owners who give a parcel of real estate to someone outright or even sell it for less than its value are subject to paying the gift tax. Although the donor is usually liable for making gift... Read More »

Can a female dog get pregnant if she was in heat when she was spayed?

Spaying a female dog involves the removal of the uterus. If a dog is in heat at the time of the surgery. they are not likely to be pregnant yet. But removal of the uterus will also remove any chanc... Read More »

Male Gestures That Indicate He Is Attracted?

Males make many movements and gestures to indicate they are attracted to others. Some of these gestures are quite obvious and can be easily identified. Others are much more subtle and are harder to... Read More »

Are human males attracted to female pheromones?

While pheromones may be important for other species, anthropologist Dr. Stephen Juan, a regular on NBC's "Today Show," states that there is little scientific evidence to support the theory that phe... Read More »