Is an orthodontist a specialty?

Answer An orthodontist is considered to be a dentistry specialist. Orthodontists have the same training as dentists but also have additional training in the field of orthodontics. Specifically, orthodonti... Read More »

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What do orthodontist do?

Orthodontists do not do basic hygiene check ups, cleanings, or fillings. They specialize in changing the bone structure of the face (jaws and teeth) so they fit in the mouth and bite down (top to ... Read More »

Orthodontist question?

Yeah it's definitely okay to go to two different orthodontists to choose which one is better. They'll probably want you to come back for x-rays and stuff, but I think some orthodontists do x-rays o... Read More »

Orthodontist Appt?

It depends on what exactly your orthodontist has planned. Are you going for a consultation to review your x-rays & pictures or are they placing the appliances? Regardless, the orthodontist will n... Read More »