Brilliant beautiful non twit lit gardens. Is an olive a fruit or a vegetable?

Answer I'm a 1/2 twit lit. I'm just a gardner that has no degree, does not have all of the answers in any given subject and will look up the answer, copy and paste it. I also give the source. If I do ... Read More »

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Can olive trees be grown and fruit from self seeded plants from an established olive tree?

Olives grow very readily from seed, so much so that they are a serious problem in some areas such as Australia. If grown from a named variety, the fruit will probably not be as high in quality as t... Read More »

Does olive oil or vegetable oil solidify in the fridge?

Yes and no.Straight olive oil will solidify in the fridge if it's cold enough, it might take a couple days but it will happen. If you're skimming this off the top the day after, most likely it is t... Read More »

Can you use olive oil instead of vegetable oil when making pumpkin bread?

Oils like olive, canola and vegetable are interchangeable in recipes. You can substitute an equal amount of one oil for another when baking quick breads like pumpkin. Use a light olive oil instead ... Read More »

Can vegetable oil replace extra virgin olive oil when frying?

Olive oil can be expensive and its cheaper incarnations often have low smoke points when compared with generic vegetable oils. Vegetable oil is often preferable to pure olive oil for frying. Olive ... Read More »