Is an old car worth getting repaired?

Answer On One Hand: Car repairs often cost less than a new carA $500 repair job is a better deal than a $300 monthly car payment for the next five years. If you can keep your car running for less money th... Read More »

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Is it worth getting a three year old TV repaired these days. £80 call out charge?

I dont think it's worth paying £80,callout then parts and or labour on top as you can buy a new one for less than £200. these days especialy at places like asda or aldi's or other discount stores... Read More »

Can an LCD TV damaged by lightning-caused electrical surge be repaired If so, would it be worth it?

The Emerson TV started out life as junk and that was when it worked. Now it is still junk that just doesn't work. Seriously though, it is not worth trying to get fixed, which could cost several hun... Read More »

Is it worth getting a HD tv?

well bud first its hard to find an HDTV in anything under 19 inch. second the amount you have to pay for a decent 32 in (average room size tv) is only like 100 bucks more than a 19 inch and the bes... Read More »

Is blu ray really worth getting?

I don't think so, I blew $300 on a blu ray player when I got my TV and the picture is good but the stupid thing always freezes up in the middle of movies or sometimes won't load and won't play some... Read More »