Is an ipod touch or mp5 player better?

Answer On One Hand: The MP5 Is the Next StepAn MP5 Player is actually a brand name, as it is really an MP4 Player that runs any music or streaming video file in MP3 or a wide variety of other popular form... Read More »

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How do I add a VLC player to an iPod Touch?

Jailbroken iPod TouchTurn on your jailbroken iPod Touch. "Jailbreaking" is a term that refers to altering the Apple device to allow for more customization and VLC is only available to jailbroken p... Read More »

Help! what should i buy ipod touch or mp3 player?

Mp3 player ! Don't be a slave to social guidelines. Ipods are for followers Mp3 players are for leaders.

Can I download flash player on my 2 gen iPod touch?

No, you cannot download Flash Player for your 2nd Generation iPod Touch. There isn't an update that accomadates the flash player in its software. You just have to deal with not having the Adobe F... Read More »

Is it possible to get flash player in iPod touch by jailbreaking?

Flash support is a function of the Browser.If the ipod's browser does not support flash, there is nothing you can do.