Is an ipad good for high school/college students?

Answer If you're looking for functionality, quit wasting your money on those grossly over priced and incompatible Apple products. 18 years and they STILL can't compete with the rest of the computer market... Read More »

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Is there alternatives other then student loans for high GPA high School students?

There is such a shortage of nurses in the US...we import them now.With her grades and ACT score I am certain you can find a scholarship or program for your cousin.Call a few nursing schools(perhaps... Read More »

What is a good speaker setup for iPad as far as best sound for best price for iPad etc?

For the money around $60 better to get a killer pair of earbuds. Best

What do people think of IPAD 2 instead of Textbooks for school students?

This is a great way to get books to students without having to store books in a library when there isn't the physical space available. Also, it removes the cumbersome issue of having enough copies ... Read More »

IPad mini Is it good or buy new iPad?