Is an inground pool a good investment?

Answer Installing an in-ground swimming pool in your backyard is a big financial investment. Prior to installation it is important to determine whether the investment will pay off for your family--both in... Read More »

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What is a pool-friendly small tree that can be used near an inground pool in Houston Texas?

None! Answer Palms do well in Houston and don't seem to mind the pool. Answer Meyer lemon tree. Answer: Palm trees::: palm fronds, seed pods or numerous fruit drop can be drudgery to clean and ca... Read More »

Can you use an inground pool alarm while the Letro automatic pool cleaner is functioning?

What are the costs involved advantages and disadvangtages in converting an outdoor inground pool into an indoor pool?

AnswerIt will cost you the shelter weather it be a permanent or a removable,It will vary on where you live desert or Alaska

What are the pros and cons of an inground pool compared to an above ground pool?

Answer An above-ground pool is easier to maintain, mostly because of their size. They can also be moved from their original location and relocated someplace else, if at sometime you decided you did... Read More »