Is an hiv test conclusive?

Answer On One Hand: They Are Extremely AccurateAccording to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the two most common screenings for HIV, ELISA and rapid test (both look for HIV antibodies the body produces ... Read More »

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Is 17 month window period for std conclusive.?

You should definitely not worry at this point. That window period would allow anything to show up, if you had it. You're clean.

Is a 17 month window period conclusive?

Your negative test is conclusive.You have, however, tested positive for OCD. Ask your doctor to refer you to a therapist instead of laughing.

Is there any conclusive evidence linking grapefruit to breast cancer?

There isn't even any inconclusive evidence linking grapefruit to breast cancer. You won't find it or any other food or drink - except alcohol - listed as a risk factor by any reputable source of in... Read More »

I had DNA PCR test 18 days after the exposure and found it negative. Should i go for further test?

vighu - YES is the Answer, if you are concerned about an HIV infection. Your recent negative result demonstrates that you did not have the HIV infection prior to your recent exposure. However you... Read More »