Is an hdmi cable needed for an hd DVD player to view hd DVD's?

Answer Almost all HD outputs from receivers and DVD players are now HDMI based. The connector supports a standard high definition interface that is accepted internationally and is also compatible with DV... Read More »

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Is it okay to use an HDMI cable with my DVD player if it is not playing High Definition DVDs ?

Yes it's ok to run HDMI.It looks like crap because DVD is only 480x720 and it's interlaced not progressive on top of that (480i) converting it to 480p or upconverting it to your panel's native reso... Read More »

Will blu ray dvds play on a hdmi DVD player?

Is a hdmi cable necessary to view hdtv?

To view something in HD you must use a HDMI cable. _____________________________ A 1080i signal, which is the highest video quality of HDTV in North America, can be transmitted on component video... Read More »

How do you view dvds on DVD player when when there is also a dvr?

Connect the DVD player to a different input on the tv, if there isn't one use a video/audio switcher.