Does transmission fluid clean the inside of your engine?

Answer Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant for your transmission. The transmission is separate from the engine and is used to transfer the power generated by the engine into propulsion using gears. Tra... Read More »

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Why does a burn sometime lead to a bump with fluid inside the skin?

The fluid is called exudate and is very common in burns. It is a marker that the burn is 2nd degree or more, which means it is a serious burn. The fluid is weeping from the burned tissue and is pro... Read More »

Is it possible to become pregnant if a penis that had no semen but may have had pre-ejaculate fluid on it rubbed around the vagina area but didn't go inside the hole?

Pregnancy Health and Safety AnswerThe chances aren't very high but it is possible, as precum contains lots of sperm. Remember in future to keep the penis away from the vagina during all stages of a... Read More »

I burned the inside of my arm on the inside of the oven door, what can I put on it to releive the pain?

DO NOT put butter or oil of any sort on your burn. The only thing you should be doing is soaking it in as cold a water as you can stand. Keep it soaking - if it's in an awkward place (above the elb... Read More »

Is the moon hollow?

Some say yes, most say no: Only time will tell.