Is an entry door to a condominium unit considered a common element?

Answer It depends on your condominium governing documents, where you can find a list of assets owned as limited common elements, meaning assets owned in common for the benefit of a single or a single grou... Read More »

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Is the roof over a single unit in a multiple unit condominium considered common property?

Read your governing documents to determine the line that separates what you own as a unit owner -- individually -- and what you own in common with all other owners. This may include limited common ... Read More »

Is the spring attached to an automated garage door considered part of the common area of a condominium?

Theoretically, yes.However, depending on why the spring's status is in question, it may be that replacing or repairing the spring is the responsibility of an individual owner.During regular prevent... Read More »

Is the frame and crawl space a common element of a condominium?

Your governing documents can make this clear. Every condominium's definition of the ownership boundaries is different from every other property's definition. Because of fire codes, if you're refer... Read More »

Is condominium unit considered real property?

Yes. You can obtain a mortgage on a condominium unit, you can dictate its disposal in your Last Will and Testament, and you can deduct its property taxes on your tax returns.