Is an electric fence safe for dogs&cats?

Answer On One Hand: They are Not SafeElectric fences work by having the dog or cat wear a special collar that interacts with special underground wiring. When the dog or cat gets too close to the wiring, i... Read More »

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How much is an electric fence?

The cost for an electric fence for a dog averages $120 to $160, and is sometimes as high as $180 to $200. These fences usually come in a kit and are easy to install.Source:Electric Dog Fence

How to Fix an Electric Dog Fence?

Invisible dog fences keep pets in a yard and safe from dangers like moving cars while making them a better part of the neighborhood. Electric fences make it possible to keep your dog in without un... Read More »

What does joule mean in an electric fence?

A joule measures work or energy, like an inch measures length. According to the University of North Carolina, a joule is "the work done by a force of one newton acting to move an object through a d... Read More »

How to Bury an Electric Dog Fence?

One effective way to create a boundary for your dog without adding a visible fence is by installing an electric dog fence. The fence uses a buried wire that transmits a radio signal. Your dog wears... Read More »