Is an eight year child weighing 85 pounds allowed to sit in the front seat?

Answer lift him/her by the bottom!

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Can an 8 year old child sit in the front seat in AZ?

From the point of birth up to about the age of 18, a person's body and brain are still growing an maturing. If you think about it, when you talk to someone younger than yourself you can immediately... Read More »

Is it ok for a 12 year child to sit in front seat of car in Illinois?

Can an 8 year old child ride in the front seat of a car in any state between Maine and Virginia?

If anyone goes to their insurance company, the insurance company will be able to answer or at least look up the answer for you. AAA is REALLY GOOD for having answers like this.

How many pounds does a child have to be to switch from a car seat to a booster seat?

you have to be 12 and have to be over 48 inches and have to be able to see over the dashboard