Is an egg cell a single cell?

Answer Yes, by definition an egg cell (or ovum) is a single cell. An egg cell is typically (but not always) haploid; that is, it contains half the number of chromosomes required for a complete organism. O... Read More »

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Is paramecium a single cell?

A paramecium is part of the phylum Ciliophora, which are single-celled organisms. It is distinguishable from other single-celled organisms by its cigar or slipper shape. Although paramecia are sing... Read More »

Is an ostrich egg a single cell?

An unfertilized ostrich egg weighs in at 3.3 pounds, making it the largest single cell in existence today. Cells are the smallest part of an organism to be judged as living, so it is quite remarka... Read More »

Can a single cell be an thermodynamic system?

A thermodynamic system is a collection of matter separated from its surroundings by real or imagined. It is governed by certain laws in relationship to metabolism, heat transfer, energy to do work ... Read More »

The Advantages of Single-Cell Organisms?

Single-cell organisms (also known as microorganisms) are everywhere; there are more than we can imagine just living in our own body. However, while some microorganisms are a possible risk to our he... Read More »