Is an ear infection the same as a belly button infection?

Answer You can get a belly button infection??

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Can you get a belly button infection from a bug bite?

Yes, it can definitely get infected. That is an area that is a perfect site for bacteria to grow - dark, warm, and moist. Clean it gently with plain water and liquid antibacterial soap. Apply so... Read More »

How to Treat a Belly Button Infection?

Infections of the belly button have for years been relatively uncommon; however, over the past two decades as the number of teens and young adults getting navel piercings explodes the incidence of ... Read More »

Belly Button Ring Infection?

In the United States, teenagers and young adults get body piercings to assert their individuality or to identify themselves with a particular group; however, few of these people may understand risk... Read More »

Help! how to take care of a belly button piercing infection?

Don't remove the jewelry. First, it's far too soon after your piercing to remove your jewelry. Second, if this is an infection, you need to keep the jewelry in, as it'll help the infection to drain... Read More »