Is an condo attic which owners maintain considered common area?

Answer Read your governing documents to determine the line where your private ownership ends and common ownership ends. If it is common area: Owners (plural) maintain the attic area, this is proper, since... Read More »

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Are pipes between the interior and exterior walls of a condo considered common area?

You can find the answer you want in your state's condominium law, where ownership default boundaries may be defined. Then, you can read your governing documents to determine whether the state's def... Read More »

If the Home Owners Association for a condominium community hires a roofer to make repairs to the common area and there is damage to a unit owners personal property who is responsible for the damages?

It all depends.Depending on the insurance policy you carry on your personal property, and depending on the insurance carried by the association and the insurance carried by the roofer, there would ... Read More »

Is the deductible on a condo-owners association insurance policy considered a loss assessment?

It often is considered that and often a person's policy on their personal condo will extend to pay up to $500 of the Association's deductible. Could be less than $500 depending on how much the Ass... Read More »

Is wall sharing between owners of condo units consider to be commom area?

Read your governing documents. In the index, look for 'Boundary Definition' or similar entry, which will answer your question.Every condominium unit is different; every state is different -- and co... Read More »