Is an camera an in put or out put device?

Answer It accepts data, pixel information, millions of it. Input. It displays data through the LCD. output. Heck, it has its own processor. It's a computer by itself! Then, if you connect it to a compu... Read More »

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My webcam doesnt work on msn when i go on it it says We couldn't start your camera device Please check that your camera is not currently in use by another program and then try again but it isn't?

i have the same problem and its so annoying :@ but idk what to do to fix it, ive tried everything.

My camera software "Cannot get device information" from my camera?

There seems to be some kind of communication error which can be anything from a bad USB port on either end (camera or computer) or the USB cord itself.Rather than go through the frustration of trou... Read More »

How is digital camera an input device?

A digital camera is an input device because it captures information and stores it on the device via the memory card(which is a storage device).

Is an Digital Camera input device?